Math Education Today


Teachers are overwhelmed and under-resourced.


Parents are helpless and out of their league.


Students are frustrated and disengaged.

It’s time for a revolution in math education.

The Problem

Lack of individualized, step-by-step, hands-on learning.

Bored and confused, students say, “I can’t do math” or “I don’t like math.”

Curriculum is driven by rote textbooks problems and standardized exams instead of engaging activities, individualized learning, and active hypothesizing.

Absence of analytical tools to help communities help students learn.

US ranks 35th in global math scores.

Many states (including New York) have seen up to a 53% drop in enrollment for teacher training.

In New York City, only 64% of students pass with a satisfactory score on the Regent Exams in Math.

The Solution – Math Trip!

    • The very first gamification of higher math.
    • An individualized, step-by-step journey from Algebra City through Calculus Island.
    • Users begin by choosing their own four integers to power their journey.
    • Each Math Trip is different so copying answers is impossible.
    • A fun, easy-to-use, and completely new methodology.
    • Score tracking, character creation, and in-app rewards for completing milestones.
    • A statistically-proven increase in knowledge, skills, and ability.
      • Classroom assistance where you need it most, in the hands of students.
      • Minimize workload and at-home grading – Math Trip checks itself.
      • Become a coach and fellow-traveller, rather than strictly a teacher.
      • Additional, inexpensive materials for in-class lessons.
      • Students begin a task in the classroom and finish for homework.
      • Built-in individualized assessments.
      • Track student progress by how far they can go, not just a standardized exam score.
      • Keep the students consistently engaged in math on their tablet or phone!

The Numbers


50.1 Million

Total Students in the U.S.

19.6 Million

Students That Will Take a Course Related to Math Trip in the Next Year

3.4 Million

Students That Will Take a State-Issued Math Exam to Graduate This Year


129.4 Thousand

Public and Private Schools Offering Math Classes

$833 Billion

Estimated Expenditures for These Schools

13.5 Thousand

Districts and Communities that Will See a Direct Impact

The Journey

        • Math Trip– A revolutionary, individualized, step-by-step journey from Algebra City to Port Integral on Calculus Island by way of Rational Function River and Limit Bridge!
        • Algebra City – Walk through Algebra City to learn the basics of using variables to solve your own equations, plus explore your own unique triangles and circles.
        • Polynomial Palace – Enter the Polynomial Palace to find rooms fill with quadratics, cubics, quartics, multiplicity, and more!
        • Rational Function River – Ride the river using asymptotes, intercepts, discontinuities, and end behaviors to graph your own functions!
        • Limit Bridge – Stroll across the bridge while finding values that do not exist, and working with the concepts to take you to Calculus Island.
        • Derivative City – Your first stop in Calculus Island where differential calculus, slopes, tangent lines, and derivative functions take you through this sleepless city.
        • Port Integral – The final stop is Port Integral, where you learn integration, area, and the fundamental theorem of calculus. From here you’ll move on to more adventures in our later additions!

Team Members

Seth Blum

An experienced math teacher and certified district administrator (SDL) for 15 years in the New York school system, took firsthand note at the struggles and frustrations people faced when learning math. As an actor and musician, he applied his creativity to math. This lead him to create a game-changing methodology unlike any other curriculum available.

Alex Black

A veteran software consultant for large publicly traded and privately held firms, Alex has assisted companies in the scope, development, and on-boarding processes of a variety of out-of-the-box and proprietary applications.

Mike Schroeder

An advanced mobile engineer for over 6 years, Mike has created beautiful applications for large clients (eg: Wyndham Hotels), and currently acts as the lead mobile engineer (Android/iOS) for Canary (, a NYC startup.

Math Trip is Coming Soon!
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